Discover City of Kotka

Where the river and the sea meet

Known as an industrial and port city, Kotka surprises with its unique combination of parks, nature and urban culture. The maritime nature of Kotka is already indicated by the fact that the city centre is located on an island. In the city centre, you can enjoy not only the shops and restaurants, but also culture and Finland’s finest parks. Right in front of the city begins the Finnish archipelago that offers captivating nature experiences and where numerous fortress structures tell of a multi-stage past.

The 2024 Lightning European Championship will take place at the site of Svensksund (Ruotsinsalmi), where Russia and Sweden fought for the domination of the Gulf of Finland. 

At the end of the 18th century, the border between Russia and Sweden ran along the river Kymijoki. The dispute over the line of demarcation continued and the largest naval battles in the Nordic countries were fought off Kotka. Not only the fortresses but also by the numerous wrecks of warships resting at the bottom of the sea are reminders of past wars. At Merikeskus Vellamo’s exhibitions, you can get to know the history and wrecks of the area without wearing a diving suit. 

Juttu on hieman lyhennetty kopio kirjoittamastani artikkelista sivulla: 

Kotkan artikkeleiden kuvia voi käyttää EM-sivustolla ja lisää käytettäviä kuvia on kaupungin kuvapankissa:

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Through the video below, you can take a dizzying virtual trip to the Kotka National Urban Park. But why not explore the stunning scenery on site? Pick up the best tips here and head to Kotka!

Don’t miss these top 5 destinations

Tour the parks of Kotka
Enjoy the award winning Sapokka Water Garden and Katariina Seaside Park

Visit Vellamo Maritime Museum
Vellamo houses three museums: national Maritime Museum of Finland, regional Museum of Kymenlaakso and the Coast Guard Museum. The impressive exhibition Faithful Svensksund animates the times of the great naval battles. An all-time favourite is the steam-powered icebreaker Tarmo.

Get to know Finnish fish
Visit the Maretarium, Aquarium for Finnish Fish that is locate right next to the Lightning European Championship 2024 home port. Maretarium has 22 fish tanks, the largest tank being the cylindrical Baltic Sea tank with a volume of half a million litres. Find out what the Four-horned sculpin looks like.

Enjoy art
Walk the Sculpture Promenade and see Finland’s biggest outdoor gallery. Starting right at the Lightning European Championship home port this two-kilometre walk takes you through the city centre and to the finest Finnish sculptures.

Explore the mighty River Kymi
A visit to Kotka is not complete without seeing the rapids of the river Kymi. The Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge Museum is located next to the rapids amidst protected nature. This is your chance to enjoy the river in the manner of the Tsar of Russia. When charmed by the river and riverside nature why not go to the Rapids Park (Koskipuisto) as well. (in Finnish, read more in English: )

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